Sarah was born in Tazewell, Virginia. She isn’t offended if you haven’t heard of it. She lives in Philadelphia with her wife and their hedgehog, where she makes balloon animals for money. Sarah enjoys pickles, punks and coffee. She writes zines and blogs and you can find more of her work at . Sarah’s first book, Everybody Else’s Girl, was published in 2013 by Sweet Candy Press. Her long running zine, Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric, will be anthologized in book form later this year by Mend My Dress Press. Her current zine is called Safe Home, and she is the editor of the compzines “Dangerous Damsels” and “The Worth of Water.”


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Grace is a model/actress/writer/paranormal investigator who lives in Philadelphia. She loves YA books, boys who are trouble, and generally being up to no good.