(by Grace)

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I held a midnight release party and read-a-thon for Harper Lee's new book, Go Set a Watchman (sequel to our beloved To Kill a Mockingbird). We decided to do a little write up for the event at Big Blue Marble Bookstore, because it was so magnificent.

For the sake of transparency: our events team came up with the idea only two or three weeks before the release of the book, and the event day. We all love To Kill a Mockingbird so much, that we could not resist having a party for the sequel. We were a bit nervous, because we had so many party ideas, so much passion for the material.... but could we convince a big and enthusiastic group of customers to show up at midnight on a Monday night to be excited with us?

Yes. We could. Fans of the To Kill a Mockingbird showed up to talk classics, watch the movie adaptation starring Gregory Peck on the projector, and eat Go Set a Watchman themed Lane Cake! (And of course, buy the new book at 12:01am!)

News and radio stations, multiple newspapers (Hello, New York Times.....), and so many friends joined us for an incredible night of literary squee. 

Special thanks to.... Lorrie Kim, for the beautiful and delicious Go Set a Watchman lane cake. To Elliott batTzedek, our events coordinator, for driving to northern New Jersey to pick up our copies of the book when they failed to arrive on the day of the event. To Zipora Shulz, for sending me all the photos from the event. To Big Blue Marble Bookstore and all the staff there for helping promote and host this event. 

And special thanks to my cohost and partner in crime, Sarah Sawyers-Lovett, for demanding I read To Kill a Mockingbird only three months ago. You rule!

To hear more about the event and our thoughts on the book, listen to Book Jawn Podcast Episode 6: Scout Finch and the Deathly Hallows.