Two Lady Book Club: An Update and Some Opinions

Hello, Sarah here. Remember when we used to blog on the regular? This is probably not a return to that, but it is an announcement of sorts. 

We've had all sorts of changes and upheaval over at Book Jawn HQ, with Grace moving and Ryan stepping in to fill her spot as co-host. We were talking about how we chose books for our two lady book club and what made other people want to read along. We talked about Twitter polls,  self-selection, and taking turns. They all have their merits, but ultimately because podcasting sometimes can feel like a pretty one-sided form of communication, we decided to maintain letting you guys decide via Twitter. 

However, we are super committed to creating a conversation around intersectionality. And we wanted to make sure that we were encouraging other people to read books about people unlike them. To step out of their comfort zone (their reading nook, as it were). 

There was a book club at Big Blue Marble called Women of the World run by the fantastic Maleka Fruean. I love the idea of highlighting an identity (be it racial, religious, sexual, national, etc) and letting people chose from a short list of books by women whose writing highlights it. 

Not only does it make us research and read responsibly, but it creates some follow up suggestions if you enjoy that month's selection. And it amplifies voices that often aren't by traditional publishing. 

So, this first month, we are choosing books by black women. We hope you'll vote and let us know what you'd like to see more of from us in the future. 



(and Ryan and BookDog)