Honorable Mentions: Bebe Yama and Amanda Finlaw

Paul and Joe, the Giant Squids

A Cephalopodcast Fanfic by Amanda Finlaw

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Once there was a giant squid named Joe. Joe was very sad and and lonely because he meandered through the oceans alone with no one to appreciate his giant body and intellectual squid thoughts. Then one day he met another giant squid named Paul, who turned out to be his long lost brother! Joe's tentacles flailed left and right in excitement. "Poor Joe, you must have been so lonely" said Paul, who had many friends including an anglerfish named Hank and a bird named Jackson. 

So now that Joe and Paul were no longer estranged brothers, they went on a giant squid extravaganza. During this time, they found themselves not in the ocean, but in the Wissahickon River in Philadelphia, PA. They rose to the surface, saw a large castle on top of a hill and thought they returned to Hogwarts, where their great grandfather giant squid was born. But no, Jack the Bird said, "You doofuses don't even know you're in Philly at Chestnut Hill College?" And then they knew. 

Paul and Joe, the giant squids, settled in the river and found that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home, even if it isn't really Hogwarts. Joe was never lonely again. 


Aaron's Day Off : An Aaron Carter Fan-Fiction

by Bebe Yama

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What is a day off, when you had no childhood? thinks Aaron as he stares at a 5-foot xerox cutout of his own face. The face--a gift from some fans in Florida--is leaning against the glossy grey wall of his den. He takes a swig of Simply Orange brand orange juice and turns on the TV. The flickering glow of the TV outshines the white glow of the sun that whispers from behind the closed vertical blinds. It's 11AM. Aaron's freshly bleached hair and A-Top are an ideal canvas for the dancing light emitted from the TV. The cable box is always left transmitting the MTV or Starz channels. He opens the Instagram App on his phone, yet another source of dim blue-white light illuminating the face of a bankrupt American heartthrob. 

Author's note: After conducting further research on Aaron Carter's current situation, the author has forfeited her attempt to compose a piece about him and would like to personally wish that Aaron experiences a sense of peace and communion with himself those that surround him.