Ep 11: My 6th Grade English Teacher Read My LOST Fic

The FAN FICTION Episode!

"You guys are amazing." Grace turned to Sarah, with hearts in her eyes. "What the hell? I am so deeply impressed-"

"I'm gobsmacked." Sarah interjected.

"-on many levels, though. By every person who submitted."

Aaron's Day Off (0:00:00-0:01:49)

Aaron's Day Off: An Aaron Carter Fanfiction by Bebe Yama

Host Opening (0:01:49-0:03:02)

In which Grace pronounces "archive" wrong - which she does every time she uses that word.

Fan Fiction Contest (0:03:02-0:34:20)

In which Sarah pronounces "opossum" wrong, and Grace realizes that an "O-Possum" is not an animal. The "O" is silent.



Our Fan Fiction (0:34:20-0:49:14)

Host Closing and Blooper Reel (0:49:14-0:52:55)

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