Ep 17: Keeping up with the Cazghdashians

Re: Snack Food Advent Calendars

"Maybe we should diversify that and do like, a slim Jim and a chubby James ... like a Polish sausage would be the chubby James."

Host Opening: (0:00 - 14:10)

Two Lady Book Club reading of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass will be postponed because we didn't do our homework. 

What We're Reading: (14:10 - 32:40)

Grace - 

Sarah - 

Holiday Gift Suggestions (32:40 - 1:10: 11)

General Gifts for Any Person: 

Fandom Gifts: 

Books for Kids

Books for Dads/Uncles: 

Other Parents We Have: 

Significant Other: 

Host Closing (1:10:11 - 1:12:26)


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