Ep 8: Squeefulness and Snark

Title:  Squeefulness and Snark


"You are new to comics, so I sort of feel like I've unhinged the top of your head and poured the stuff I like into your brain." Sarah said, trying hard not to be any more creepy than normal. 

Host Opening (00:00-01:01) 

GeekyCon Reportback  (01:14-15:02) 

Fan Fiction Contest (15:14- 24:38)

Sway the judges by writing about their favorite fandoms! 

  • Grace: True Detective. Station Eleven. Aaron Carter (despite ardent claims not to be an AC fan). The 100. 
  • Sarah: Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  Hunger Games, Strangers in Paradise.  
  • Both: Harry Potter, Red Queen, feminist adaptions of canonically misogynist writing (Twilight, Lord of the Flies, etc) 

Two Lady Book Club (24:50-36:03)

Comics (35:16-53:00)

Indies vs. Capes 

What does it mean to be a fangirl?  (53:20- 1:03:00)

  • Unabashedly into something.  
  • Ready to drop everything and talk about your fandom. 

 Closing (1:03:15-1:03:30)