Ep 43: Full Circle

In this episode, we discuss Grace's move to Los Angeles, what we've been reading, and the much anticipated adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. And as a special treat, we look back on some of our favorite memories from the early days of Book Jawn Podcast.

"Do you remember how in the first few episodes we would threaten to kill [Jonathan Franzen] and then you were like... STOP. STOP THIS." Sarah remembered wistfully.

"Did we threaten to kill him," wonders Grace, "I don't remember."

"I threatened to push him down a manhole in the first episode."

Grace remembers. "That's hilarious. That was really funny. I think I was worried we were too negative, and I was like, 'we're not focusing on the good content, we just hate Jonathan Franzen a lot.' "

"We were the Jonathan Franzen hate hour for a minute....." 

"I think we've balanced it out pretty well. There's definitely room in my heart to hate Jonathan Franzen."

"Good diplomacy, homie." 

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