Grace Gordon is a Los Angeles based actress, model, activist, and book worm. She grew up heavily involved in the world of books, and Grace continues to spend her days working on film sets, in bookshops, Shakespeare theatres, and at fan conventions.

You can find her on Twitter, or see examples of her work on her IMDb page.




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Ryan is a New Yorker in Philadelphia, which has to be the most insufferable combo ever. She loves to read and if she wasn't terrified of pain she'd get the suitcase from Anthony Marra's A Constellation of Vital Phenomena tattooed on her wrist. More seriously, Ryan cares a lot about social justice issues and she respectfully asks that you call her out on her shit as you feel comfortable.

Sarah is a bookseller, writer, and occasional balloon twister and nanny. She lives in Philadelphia with Ryan, their hedgehog and their muppet dog. Sometimes she writes zines and blogs. In her spare time, she enjoys pickles, punks, and coffee.







Full disclosure: We get most of the books we read and review for free by way of advanced reader copies from publishers. Like most book junkies, we often buy books. Neither our opinions or the content of our website/podcast is affected by where a book came from or how it ended up in our hot little hands. 

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